Lab News

The lab is excited to welcome our new lab manager, Annie Mears. Annie joins us as a recent JHU graduate, where she completed her Bachelor’s Degree in December 2022. Welcome, Annie!

Post-Doctoral Fellow Nico Cesana Arlotti has accepted an Assistant Professor of Psychology position at Yale University, where he will be starting his own Baby Lab. We are so sad to see him go but couldn’t be more proud. Congratulations, Nico!

We are so excited to welcome our newest graduate student, Peter Mazalik, to the lab. Welcome, Peter!

We are excited to welcome new graduate student, Nick Bisbee, to the lab. Nick joins us from Columbia University, where he recently completed his Masters Degree. Welcome, Nick!

Our recent findings on infants’ justification of random choices has been featured here.

Why young children can do algebra? Our recent findings regarding early math ability has been featured in the ABC News. Check it out here!

Jasmin and Lisa’s work on surprise induced learning has been featured in the Johns Hopkins Magazine and Healthline!

Research assistant, Peter Zhu, has accepted an offer from Stanford University. He will be working with Dr. Hyo Gweon at Social Learning Lab. Congratulations, Peter!

Graduate student, Jasmin Perez, has successfully defended her dissertation! Congratulations, Dr. Perez! Jasmin will join Google as a research scientist and start an exciting journey there!

Lab manager, Alexis Smith, received an Honorable Mention for her NSF GRFP proposal! Congratulations, Alexis!

Lab manager, Alexis Smith, has accepted an offer from UCSD to pursue a PhD in Developmental Psychology! Congratulations, Alexis!

Our recent findings have been featured in the Washington Post and Smithsonian!

Graduate student, Jasmin Perez, has been awarded the Mary D. Ainsworth award for being such an outstanding graduate student! Congratulations, Jasmin!

Research assistant, Peter Zhu, presented his work on word-learning at the JHU DREAMS poster symposium. Congratulations, Peter!

Dr. Lisa Feigenson has been selected to be a speaker at the 10 year Anniversary Workshop of the Cognitive Development Center at CEU! Congratulations, Dr. Feigenson!

Graduate student, Jasmin Perez, and Lab Manager, Alexis Smith, have both had their abstracts accepted for poster presentations at this year’s Society for Research in Child Development! Congratulations, Alexis and Jasmin!

Research assistant, Stephanie Klaskin, has been accepted to her top choice graduate program in Quantitative Methods at the University of Texas at Austin! Congratulations, Stephanie!

Research assistant, Cora McCaffrey, has been accepted to her top choice graduate program in Secondary Social Studies education at the University of Georgia! Congratulations, Cora!

Research assistant, Anthony Davidson, has successfully presented his honors project investigating infants’ ability to track agents’ false beliefs about quantities! He will be graduating with honors! Congratulations, Anthony!

We are excited to welcome new graduate student, Qiong Cao, to the lab.  Qiong joins us from NYU, where she recently completed her Masters Degree. Welcome, Qiong!

The lab is excited to welcome new lab manager, Alexis Smith. Alexis joins us from Boston University, where she recently completed her Bachelor’s Degree. Welcome, Alexis!

In Spring 2018 we were thrilled to welcome Nico Cesana-Arlotti as a new post-doc.  Nico previously completed his PhD with Luca Bonatti at the University Pompeu Fabra, and a post-doc with Gergely Csibra and Agnes Kovacs at the Central European University. Welcome, Nico!

Congratulations to our lab members Jenny, Jasmin and Alex for presenting their posters at the International Congress on Infant Studies 2018 in Philadelphia!

Graduate student, Jenny Wang, was awarded the G. Stanley Hall Scholar’s Award for her dissertation work. Congratulations, Jenny!

Graduate student, Jasmin Perez, received a pre-doctoral Master’s Degree! Congratulations, Jasmin!

Graduate student, Jenny Wang, will be joining the Computational Cognitive Development Group at Rutgers University as a post-doctoral fellow this Fall! Congratulations, Jenny!