A Typical Visit

DSC_4752Before your visit:
Once you let us know that you are interested in visiting our lab with your child, one of our research assistants will contact you to let you know what study your child is eligible for. We will schedule an appointment at your convenience, and send you directions to our free reserved parking spaces on campus. If you have other children you would like to bring, we can see if they are also eligible for one of our studies. If not, one of our fun research assistants will play with them in our playroom while you are with your other child during the study.

During your visit:
One of our research assistants will greet you at our reserved parking spaces at your appointment time. They will walk you over to our lab, where we will give you a parking pass that’s good for all day! We will have plenty of time for your child to get comfortable in our fun playroom filled with toys. During this time, a researcher will explain the study to you and will ask you to sign a consent form agreeing to have your child participate in the study. We will answer all of your questions before starting the study. When your child is comfortable, the researcher will take you and your child into our testing room for the study, which will last about 5-15 minutes. If your child becomes fussy, needs to take a break, or does not want to play anymore, we can stop the study at any time.

After your visit:
Once the study is over, we will go back to the playroom. Your child will receive a diploma and can pick a small prize as a thank-you for their participation (a book or a t-shirt). The researcher will answer any questions you have about your visit. When you are ready, we will escort you back to your car. If you are interested in visiting the lab again, we can call you when your child is eligible for the next study!