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Welcome to the Johns Hopkins University Lab for Child Development!

Housed in the Johns Hopkins University Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences, we investigate how infants and young children understand the world around them.

Our studies, featured in media outlets including the New York Times, NPR, and Time Magazine, ask questions such as: What do babies remember about hidden objects?  What are the developmental foundations of mathematical thinking?  Are children logical?  And how does surprise affect infants’ learning?

Do you have a child scientist on your hands?  We are seeking children from 0 to 10 years to come help us learn about children’s thinking!  Our studies involve a one-time visit that includes playing simple games, or showing babies specially designed puppet shows, and measuring how children respond. We would love for your child to participate!  Parking is free, and as a thank-you for your visit, we offer your child a small gift for participating.  To find out more, visit our Our Studies page and sign up via our easy Participant Portal.

To read more about our ongoing findings, check out this year’s Parent Newsletter!

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Your baby or child can participate right from your home (and receive an Amazon gift card as a thank-you)!
Check out our online studies here.
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