Staff and Students

Post-Doctoral Fellow

nicolocesanaarlotti.jpgNicolò Cesana Arlotti
Faced with ordinary ambiguities or puzzling events we generate hypotheses and take advantage of their logical relations as a compass to navigate through them. In my research, I investigate the developmental foundation of the human capacity for logical reasoning. Can infants engage in early forms of logical deduction? What role does the acquisition of logical words, ubiquitous in our language, play in the development of logical reasoning? Do logical concepts help infants and kids face the outstanding learning challenge of becoming an adult?

Graduate Students

Emily SanfordEmily Sanford | 5th year graduate student
I’m interested in how young children develop numerical, logical, and linguistic skills. I am specifically interested in how innate numerical intuitions interact facilitate the development of symbolic mathematics. I am also curious about the ways that we teach children about number and what that can tell us about numerical representations.

Qiong Cao

Qiong (Ivy) Cao | 4th year graduate student
What are the fundamental representations and computations children use to reason about the physical and social world? I’m interested in infants’ and young children’s reasoning about agents, objects, and daily life events. I’m also interested in how early inference abilities facilitate children’s learning in general. 

NickNick Bisbee | 1st year graduate student 
Humans quickly learn to use physical objects, symbols, and icons to manipulate the world around them. In what ways are we built for tool usage and how do we create systems of intangible tools like numbers or logic? How does our curiosity lead us to learn about so many systems (eg. block tower physics, Algebra, Game of Thrones politics) that we may not see a need for? As a first year, I intend to study what bounds our learning and what inspires it – with an emphasis on object representations and how they interact with our desire to share our conceptualizations.

Undergraduate Students

Sofía Jauregui

I am a Senior Molecular and Cellular Biology and Psychology major with a minor in Spanish. I am thrilled to be working with the Lab for Child Development team for the next four years as a Woodrow Wilson Fellow! After working with children in various settings before coming to JHU, I’m eager to develop an understanding of how children perceive and process the world around them.

Camille Redmond

I am a Senior at Johns Hopkins majoring in Cognitive Neuroscience. I love working with children because the way they see the world is so unique! I am tremendously excited for the opportunity to learn more about their cognition and development at the Lab for Child Development. In the future, I hope to pursue a career in research, and I am thrilled to be able to begin that journey now

Jaima Devries

I am a Junior Psychology major, and I couldn’t be more excited to join the Lab for Child Development! The adult mind is fascinating and being able to work with children to understand how the mind as we know it comes to be is an amazing opportunity. I’m beyond excited to contribute to this research and help develop deeper understandings

Madeline Sukhdeo

I am a Junior majoring in Psychology and Writing Seminars with a minor in Entrepreneurship and Management. I am thrilled to be a part of the lab and couldn’t be more excited to learn about child development. I hope to be a child and adolescent psychologist one day, and this is my first major step on that journey

Maansi Barnwal

I am a Sophomore at Johns Hopkins University majoring in Psychology and Public Health Studies. I can’t wait to work at the Lab for Child Development and learn more about the cognitive abilities of children! I am thrilled to have this opportunity to contribute meaningful research and I hope to better understand the mental processes that guide our perceptions and experiences of the world at a young age.

Annie Mears

I’m a Junior at Johns Hopkins, double majoring in Psychology and Writing Seminars. I’m so excited to work in the Lab for Child Development! Young children view the world from such an interesting perspective, and it’s fascinating to work with them and get a glimpse into their minds. I’m hoping to pursue a PhD in child and adolescent psychology, and I know assisting in this lab is an instrumental experience that I can learn and grow from. 

Molly Atiencia

I am a Junior majoring in Public Health Studies and minoring in Psychology. I am very excited to be a part of this lab and learn more about the world of babies! As an aspiring pediatrician, I can’t wait to further my understanding on child development through our research. 

Grace Lee

I am a Sophomore majoring in Public Health and Molecular and Cellular Biology with a minor in Psychology. Working with children throughout my career, I’ve always been fascinated by the complexity and plasticity of young minds. I hope to carry the knowledge I gain from my research into a future career in pediatrics!