Alexis Smith

Alexis SmithLab Manager

I received a B.A. in Psychology from Boston University, where I worked as the Head Research Assistant for the Developing Minds Lab. I’m interested in the bridge between socio-emotional development and cognition. Specifically, how does children’s understanding of others’ emotions and mental states effect their performance on tasks involving working memory, Theory of Mind, and object representations. I’m excited to explore these questions in the Laboratory for Child Development!

Post-Doctoral Fellows

nicolocesanaarlotti.jpgNicolò Cesana Arlotti 

Faced with ordinary ambiguities or puzzling events we generate hypotheses and take advantage of their logical relations as a compass to navigate through them. In my research, I investigate the developmental foundation of the human capacity for logical reasoning. Can infants engage in early forms of logical deduction? What role does the acquisition of logical words, ubiquitous in our language, play in the development of logical reasoning? Do logical concepts help infants and kids face the outstanding learning challenge of becoming an adult?

Graduate Students

Jasmin Perez

Jasmin Perez3rd year graduate student

I am interested in the kinds of early hypotheses infants form about an object’s behavior within and outside of a prescribed spatial context. Moreover, I’d like to learn how these early hypotheses change throughout development to allow children and adults to form accurate and flexible representations of more complex object interactions.


Emily Sanford2nd year graduate student

I’m interested in how young children develop numerical, logical, and linguistic skills. I am specifically interested in how innate numerical intuitions interact facilitate the development of symbolic mathematics. I am also curious about the ways that we teach children about number and what that can tell us about numerical representations.

Qiong Cao

Qiong Cao1st year graduate student

How do children accomplish so much even though they experience so little? What are the fundamental representations and computations children have to support their effective information processing? My research interests lie in the realm of cognitive development, focusing on how young children develop representations of number and probability. Moreover, I’m interested in how children and adults utilize quantitative information to make inferences and solve problems.

Undergraduate Students

Anthony Davidson
Anthony Davidson 
I am a Senior Neuroscience major and Psychology minor on the pre-med track, as well as a member of the Johns Hopkins football program. Children represent an incredible opportunity to learn about the origins of the human mind, and I am thrilled to be involved in such a renowned lab at the forefront of the field.
Cora McCaffrey
I am a Senior Psychology major here at Johns Hopkins. I absolutely love working with children and seeing all that they are capable of. I am excited to be able to join a team of people who strive to better understand the human mind and to be able to do so in a hands-on research environment.
Giselle Edwards
I am a Junior studying Public Health and Cognitive Science double major who is super excited to be joining the Lab for Child Development! In particular, I’m interested in exploring children’s learning and memory development as I work alongside my mentors. I look forward to the new challenges and what I will learn from them in the semesters to come.
Madeleine Cuan
Madeleine Cuan
I am a Junior at Johns Hopkins University majoring in Public Health and minoring in Psychology. In addition to being an elementary school tutor and teaching children’s Jiu Jitsu classes, I am thrilled to join the Lab for Child Development. Being a research assistant will allow me the opportunity to continue learning about children’s cognitive capabilities and how developmental changes can impact the way in which we educate children.
Molly Kamicar
Molly Kamicar
I am a Senior Writing Seminars major with a minor in Psychology, and I’m beyond excited to begin my first semester with the Lab for Chld Development! I’m looking forward to working hands-on with children both in the lab and at the Maryland Science Center, and I’m eager to gain a better understanding of how children think, grow and perceive the world! Working in the lab will help me prepare to pursue my dream career in child psychology.
Stephanie Klaskin
Stephanie Klaskin
I am a Senior studying  Cognitive Science and English major with a minor in Entrepeneurship and Management. I am interested in pursuing education psychology in the future, and I am so excited to work in the Lab for Child Development where I can observe the different ways in which children learn from the world around them.
I can’t wait to help conduct research with the Lab for Child Development team and work with children!
Peter Zhu
Peter Zhu 
I am a Sophomore Psychology and Cognitive Science major with a minor in English, and I am excited to be joining the Lab for Child Development! Working with children presents a special opportunity to learn more about the mind, and I can’t wait to learn more about infant and child cognition from the very best in the field. In the future, I hope to pursue a career in psychology and use the research to help guide public policy.
Crystal Chang 
I am a junior double majoring in Molecular and Cellular Biology and Psychology. I am more than delighted to be joining the Lab for Child Development as I have always been very passionate about working with children! As a research assistant, I am looking forward to being able to make a valuable contribution to meaningful research and uncovering some of the complex mysteries behind the developing human mind.
Mikayla Bisignani 
I am a Sophomore studying Biology and Psychology at Johns Hopkins. I couldn’t be more excited to start working with the amazing team that is the Lab for Child Development. Children provide an incredible opportunity to explore how people understand the world and I hope to make a contribution to that research. Fun Fact: I am also on the Swimming and Track and Field teams at JHU!
Sofía Jauregui
I am a Freshman Molecular and Cellular Biology and Psychology major with a minor in Spanish. I am thrilled to be working with the Lab for Child Development team for the next four years as a Woodrow Wilson Fellow! After working with children in various settings before coming to Johns Hopkins, I’m eager to develop an understanding of how children perceive and process the world around them. I am looking forward to learning from my mentors as I work alongside them to contribute to this impactful research.