Lisa prof

Lisa Feigenson, Ph.D. 

feigenson@jhu.edu | Website | CV

What is the format of the mental representations that store information, and what computations can we perform over these representations? Our research explores answers to these questions for the case of the concept individual. This work both draws from and unites research in numerical cognition, object-based attention, and short-term memory. Our research centers on infants and young children. By examining key points in development we can gain insight into the role played by a set of representations as new knowledge is acquired, and as new knowledge structures are created.

Justin prof

Justin Halberda, Ph.D. 

halberda@jhu.edu | Website | CV

Professor Halberda’s research focuses on two main topics. The first is an interest in language acquisition and the possibility that logical deductive inference may play a role in the learning of new words. The second is an interest in the organization of attention and the connection of mind to world. Students in the lab work with infants, children and adults using classic anticipatory-looking paradigms and eye-tracking as well as computational modeling.