Virtual Lab Tour

Waiting Area

Our colorful Waiting Area gives parents and children time to relax and play before and after studies are conducted. While our staff explain our research to parents, kids can play with our train set, dive into our toy collection, or enjoy our library of children’s books.

Language Studies

Children can interact with our large screen during our language studies! In the “dax” studies, we are coming to understand how children infer the meaning of new words.  

Looking Time Studies

In the “Who said that” game, we are finding that by 2 years children can reason logically using process of elimination.

Reaching Studies

In the toddler reaching studies babies search for objects hidden in a box. Their reaching shows us how many things they can keep track of. The answer is that 12-month-old babies can keep track of about 3 objects at once.

Puppet Studies

In our looking-time studies, we explore what infants know about the world before they can even speak. While babies watch exciting “puppet shows,” we measure how long they spend looking at various aspects of our displays.

Coding Room

In our state of the art coding room, we monitor and video record experiments occuring in all of the rooms for scientific analysis.