Summer Internship FAQ

Will you hold summer internship in 2023?

Unfortunately, we won’t be holding summer internship program in 2023. Hopefully we can resume in 2024!

When is the application posted?

Our application is posted in early December. A PDF of our application can be used for reference, but applications should be submitted using this link. The PDF can be found here.

When is the application due?

Our application is usually due February 1st.

How will I submit my application?

You will submit your application using Google Forms here. A copy of the application is also available for download here. Letters of recommendation should be submitted by the recommender directly at

Do you have minimum requirements?

The only requirements are that you have experience working with children and you are a current undergraduate student in a degree seeking program, including graduating seniors. Apart from this, we encourage all interested applicants to apply!

My semester doesn’t end until mid-June, can I still apply?

Unfortunately training is done in a group the first week of the internship, so we are unable to accommodate a late start to the program.

Who should I ask for letters of recommendation?

We generally recommend that you choose the two people who know you best in an environment similar to the lab to write your letter. If you have previous research experience, the principal investigator would be the ideal person to write the letter, but if you haven’t yet had a chance to do research, a professor for a related course or an employment supervisor certainly will have seen you in a role of responsibility and can provide useful insight, too!

How should my recommenders send their letters?

Your recommenders can send their letters to us via email at They should include your name in the subject line of the email. Please ensure that they send your letter before the February 1st deadline.

My letters will be late. Should I still apply?

Our most competitive applicants will ensure that their letters will be submitted before our February 1st deadline. This being said, we will accept letters that are no more than one week late. We will note that the letters were late, but we understand that this may be out of the applicant’s control.

Is your program open to International Students?

Our internship is open to undergraduate students from universities around the world, and international students are certainly eligible to apply.

Can an undergraduate student of any age apply?

Yes, we accept current undergraduate students. Seniors graduating in May can apply, but priority will be given to those who are further from graduation.

Do you provide housing?

Unfortunately, we are not able to provide housing, but we do offer a stipend to help offset some of those costs and we are happy to help admitted students find on-campus or off-campus apartments to sublet. Generally, our interns find accommodations together!

I don’t have research experience. Should I still apply?

We do not require applicants to have had previous research experience, since we realize you are applying to this position in the hopes of gaining that type of experience! We are more interested in learning about your research interests and what you hope to research in the future. We encourage any interested candidates to apply!

What happens after I submit my application?

Review of applications begins the day after the application deadline. The strongest applicants will be invited to interview in mid-February/early March, and we hope to make final decisions by the middle of March.

Can I submit my application late?

Unfortunately, due to the high volume of applications we can not guarantee that late materials will be reviewed. Please submit all application materials, including letters of recommendation by the deadline.

How many interns do you take? What’s your acceptance rate?

The number of interns vary based on the number of projects available. We assign one intern to each project to give each intern the chance to delve deeply into one research question, rather than have them on multiple projects. This number also varies based on the number of mentors available. Typically, we take between 3-7 interns and receive 300 applications.